What Are the Web Design Components for Conversions?

When creating a website, many focus on only the keywords or write content for search rankings but neglect user experience and intent. When visitors go to your site, does it build trust, appeal to them, and prompt them to take action? Web design is not just getting traffic to your site but also making users to take action for conversions.

So, how do you design for conversions? There are main ingredients for a web design that will boost its conversion rate. It is essential to begin with the basics before you proceed to more advanced techniques.

Must-Have Conversion Elements

Before you go further into the ins and outs of designing your website for conversions, the basics are like your appetizers. Converting a website design should include these items:

Value proposition. In marketing, a value proposition is something that makes a company or product appealing to customers. It is the reason people convert. It provides users with the answers to the question of why pick us? Today, the competition is getting steeper. Make sure that you not only have a strong value proposition but that you also make it known on your site.

Site awards. One way to build credibility and trust is to include recognition logos or badges. Most industries have accolades that organizations can showcase to give a stamp of credibility and approval. If your business was highlighted with an achievement, that recognition could make your target audience realize your website is a great place to visit.

You may add a section for accolades in your About Us page, or devote a web page to those awards. Highlight your achievement on social media. People now follow social media pages because they want to be updated and know what is new with a brand. Providing evidence that you received an award indicates that you are doing great things and your website is relevant.

Image choices. The right imagery can impact your relationship with your target audience, your offerings, and the actions they take. The images you put on your web design have the ability to connect the user emotionally. Therefore, use visuals that will evoke feelings you want in the users. For example, a home care services for seniors want to appear sensitive, displaying a picture of a comfortable and happy elderly is relatable and appropriate.

Contact forms. If the main goal is to get purchases or receive email sign-ups,  the contact form is the ultimate conversion tool. If your website is providing a service, after phone calls, a contact form is often the second method of conversion. It is useful in filtering submissions for relevancy. 

A web design that is conversion-friendly features a contact form when a user lands on its page. For some businesses, all of their highly trafficked web pages include a contact form for maximizing conversions.

Prominent phone number.  Phone calls are the method most businesses prefer because it allows them to convert a potential customer via the phone with their personalized service. Phone calls allow users to make one-on-one contact with your business, making it an ideal conversion.

It is important that your phone number is visible to the users within seconds of landing on your page. It is a smart move if you place it in the top right corner of your web page. While skimming a landing page, the eyes of the user tend to read a website in an F or Z pattern. Anything you put in the top right corner is the second thing people will see. Also, users have formed the habit of looking in that placement for the contact button.

The three-second check. If a user does not know what you do or are offering within three seconds, most likely they will leave your site in that timeframe. A potential client may think they went to the wrong page in their search and instantly move on to the next search result.

Perform a three-second check, particularly if your bounce rate is high before taking other steps. If you are unsure if your web design passes the check, ask several people unfamiliar with the site. This can help as what may not be obvious to you may be obvious to an average user.

Reviews and testimonials. In these modern times, online reviews are the new word of mouth. Reviews and testimonials help build trust in an incredibly persuasive way. Reviews, in particular, can influence the decision of a user to purchase, call, click, etc., and ultimately convert a visitor into a customer.

If your website has no reviews or testimonials, it is the right time to start collecting them.  Feature at least three verified reviews high on your landing page and one quote-style testimonial on the page. When users perceive your legitimacy, this increases your chances of conversion.

Advanced Tips for Web Design Conversions

As with the above components, the following steps are helpful guidelines for boosting your conversion rate:

Headers. You can see them at the top of all your web pages. Make sure the header in your web design has a credibility message, has local and contact information, and is sticky.

Contact form. If you want your contact forms to work their magic, follow this method:

Repetition is key

Add a guarantee

Confirmation page optimization

Test the form

Keep it short

Overall design layout. Considering that many vital elements need to appear on your webpage, you need to make them all work together. Aim for good proportions and create an informational hierarchy. Moreover, do not clutter, and instead, maintain balance.

Content and headers. It is essential that the actual content in your web design is valuable to your target market. A few tips to follow include:

Write catchy headers

Chunk your content

Case studies

Before and after

Test and test again. Ultimately, what you think will work perfectly does not always work. You tend to make our best-educated decisions according to the data and information you have access to. But keep in mind that information is constantly changing. With that, testing your theories is an effective way to know whether you have succeeded or failed. Testing results will determine whether your web design is good to go or requires some revisions.

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